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  • Logo & Timeline Design for TV Celebrity Catwalk Proffesor

  • We delightful to present our new client Thomas Serwin from Denmark - Pro Race Driver ~

  • Design & Advert for the clothes brand Sartori Sartori - Fashion Show in Dubai

  • Logo & Timeline Design for TV Celebrity Catwalk Proffesor

  • Ameber Interny ~ Logo Design

  • Leeanne Ripley-Garrett Fashion Designer ~ Logo Design & Branding

Sussex Web Design Company
Welcome to Web Design Home
Web Design Home, a one-stop-shop for website design, development, web graphic design and SEO online marketing based in Hastings & St. Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex. We are covering Hastings, St. Leonards, Bexhill, Fairlight, Westfield, Telham, Battle, Westham, Eastbourne, Polegate, Brighton, Hove in East Sussex.
Any business, big or small, needs to have an online presence if it wants to compete effectively. Many have tried to do this with poorly designed and maintained websites which can reflect badly on the business in question. Here at Web Design Home we can completely design, or re-design, sites tailored to our clients needs at very competitive prices.
As part of our packages we offer FREE basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of any site produced by us. This will move your domain name up the search engine rankings, making it more likely for your site to have more "hits", and your business more potential customers.
From designing and building beautiful websites to creating online conversations and digital marketing campaigns, we deliver effective results for our clients. Our work for both clients & agencies covers a wide range of industries, primarily the Fashion such as Clothes Designers, Models and Actors but also Luxury Lifestyle, Sports and Entertainment sectors.
Web design, Web development, SEO, Hastings East Sussex, St. Leaonards on sea

Web Design is the first, but extremely important stage of a project. We can compare this to a shop window display. Potential customers only look at this display for a short period of time. If the display does not catch their eye and make them stop then it has failed in its task.
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Web design, Web development, SEO, Hastings East Sussex, St. Leaonards on sea

We like to work with our clients to generate specific keywords, which when entered into a search engine e.g. Google, will direct people towards your site thus generating you more traffic. We call this search engine optimization -SEO, which we offer as a FREE part of our packages.
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Web design, Web development, SEO, Hastings East Sussex, St. Leaonards on sea

Web Development basically refers to all the non-design aspects of building web sites. It is a very technical area of website building and we will not go into too much detail as it can be quite confusing and boring! to a lot of people. One important area of web site development is ..
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Clients Feedback
"Working with this amazing talented individual helped bring a concept to life. Communication between us both to construct the website was so painless. I knew of colleagues who were trying to work with their web designers and felt like they were hitting a brick wall. Vitalia felt the concept and passion I had and created a master piece. I would recommend her only for web design and I will be using her not just for updating my website but also for other creative work also."
~ Lady K
CEO of Lady K Media
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