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  • Logo & Timeline Design for TV Celebrity Catwalk Proffesor

  • We delightful to present our new client Thomas Serwin from Denmark - Pro Race Driver ~

  • Design & Advert for the clothes brand Sartori Sartori - Fashion Show in Dubai

  • Logo & Timeline Design for TV Celebrity Catwalk Proffesor

  • Ameber Interny ~ Logo Design

  • Leeanne Ripley-Garrett Fashion Designer ~ Logo Design & Branding

Sussex Web Design Company
Web Design
Web Design is the first, but extremely important stage of a project. We can compare this to a shop window display. Potential customers only look at this display for a short period of time. If the display does not catch their eye and make them stop then it has failed in its task.
Research has shown that it takes a browser as little as 50 milliseconds to decide if they like a site or not (source: Carleton University, Ottawa). At Web Design Home we strive to make our sites stand out from the crowd.
Websites most important pages are their Home Page, as this is the first point of contact with any potential client. We try to make them stand out by meeting the following:
What you will need to build the web site?
Domain Name

  1. Short and memorable name
  2. Relevant to the business nature
  3. Proper extension if a business is local or international
  4. Keyword in the name (unless company name is more important)
  5. Proper extension if a business is local or international

  1. Strong and reliable company
  2. Included features we need (for example PHP/MYSQL)
  3. Bandwidth limit set to our needs
Website Design

  1. A clutter free interface & consistent design
  2. Usability and accessibility
  3. A strong representation of the company brand
  4. A clear indication of what the company has to offer
  5. Easy navigation
  6. Search engine optimized
Website Functionality (Development)
Clients Feedback
"I know very little about computers and the thought of creating a website caused me great concern and worry. I did not understand all the computer jargon and I would have been very easy to take advantage of. I felt completely at ease and comfotable to ask any questions about things I did not understand.
All I gave was a rough idea of what I wanted as I did not really know myself. I cannot describe how impressed I was when I saw the beginnings of my own website. It was so much more professional than I could ever have imagined. Words cannot described how impressed I was with the website and her devotion and work ethics that Vitaliya has shown.
I have no hesitation in recommending Web Design Home, you will not be disappointed!"
~ Verita from Westwoodside
The Owner of Verrad Labradors
"Vitalia has a remarkable eye for detail, she provides a uniqueness to her work that transpires into stunning visuals. I would not only recommend Vitalia but encourage anyone to employ her services."
~ Leeanne R. from London
Fashion Designer